Our Story

iEight sushi started in midst of the Pandemic 2020

From what started as a small startup from the comfort of a home in Los Angeles offering

“Delivery sushi in a Pizza Box”

to close family and friends, the Word started to spread out - delicious comfort rolls in a Pizza Box.

Chef Margaux created i.8sushi to provide a unique sushi takeout experience that has never been done before. With a unique twist on sushi inspired by filipino & tropical flavors; we have created an eco-friendly fun experience by creating the first ever Pizza Box Sushi which can be enjoyed amongst family/friends.

From a Humble Beggining in a Home Garage Kitchen in L.A. to a

Commercial Ghost Kitchen takeout in San Fernando Valley

To A Storefront on Sunset Drive at Silverlake

Los Angeles and A Hopeful Expansion to demand areas!

We are a Growing Team / Family of Cooks that have ultimate passion for what they do.

Our Goal is To give back to the community through serving great Hospitality , Quality Food and to Open Opportunities to inspire and nurture more potential Leaders and Chefs to grow and live their passion and purpose with us.

The i.8sushi team owes it all to the community that was built around us & thankful for the love!

We plan to further expand with the dream of a storefront to share our passion & unique experience with you all!!


“Throughout these unprecedented times, the hospitallity & service industry has been served the biggest challenge yet.

Being in the Hospitality industry who have felt the impact, we had to adjust & find a way to do what we love. Which is to serve people through good food.

I.8sushi began with the intent of providing a unique & fun take-out experience for anyone in our community to enjoy.

But without the love & support from our community this dream would have not been possible!”

-Chef J. Margaux + i.8sushi Family