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📍Located at 4422 Sunset Drive Los Angeles CA 90027

(Parking available behind LA kush)

Made in Los Angeles


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🌴Fusion Rolls🍣

• Fun • Affordable • Delicious •

Our Story
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“Throughout these unprecedented times, the hospitallity & service industry has been served the biggest challenge yet.

Being in the Hospitality industry who have felt the impact, we had to adjust & find a way to do what we love. Which is to serve people through good food.

I.8sushi began with the intent of providing a unique & fun take-out experience for anyone in our community to enjoy.

But without the love & support from our community this dream would have not been possible!”

-Chef J. Margaux + i.8sushi Family

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⬅️Silverlake Location: 4422 W. Sunset Drive, Los Angeles CA 90027

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